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Light As A Feather WALL ART

Real feathers and each group entirely unique

These artful groupings of feathers called “Aigrette” are hand-made of natural elements precisely to mimic nature or bird's wings.
From the 1890’s through 1915 it was the fashion to wear a bird on your hat and every social class wanted to be considered fashionable. These man-made bird shapes served the millinery trade for all who could not afford the luxuriously high cost of pricier decorative treatments.

Leah has been collecting these made for millinery items from Europe and the US and has curated a specific collection to present to you as the unique works of art they are. Each piece is made with special and rare feathers and some show off extraordinary colors hailing from historic dye lots.

LAAF by Leah C. brings you a contemporary homage to the past.

BEAUTIFUL, LIVING ART RE PURPOSED, interpreted by feather artist Leah Chalfen.


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select pieces are also currently AVAILABLE at our New stockist

MOXIE 2031 west alabama street (713) 636-2340 in Houston, Texas

as well as international REPRESENTation by

decorazon gallery showing throughout the year, contact us or for schedule

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