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See Light As A Feather WALL ART & Feather Mobiles this month: SEOUL & NYC!

Leah Chalfen

DECORAZON Gallery, a contemporary art gallery based in Dallas, TX & London, UK representing Leah Chalfen's distinctive Wall Art and graceful Air Art will be featuring her works of art in a pair of international debuts this September in Seoul, Korea & New York City!

Contact for complimentary passes with the subject line:Guest of Leah C. to have fun filling client's or your own wall space with special works of art!

Artist's statement:

"We are all made of the same stuff! The objets here are made with feathers to mimic birds. They are created for millinery (hats) intended to mimic nature and were used as trim for women's hats near the turn-of-the-century. I am a Plumassier (feather worker/artist) and in this piece show an evolution of shapes in feathers, with a nod to the fact that we are all different but made of the same elements. It is my statement to the world to unify and learn from the past, not to discriminate and to fly together towards peace."
-Leah Chalfen

This striking piece will be shown and available for purchase at the AAF NYC 9/28-10/3

Dimensions: 25" x 60"

Dimensions: 25" x 60"