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WALL ART from Light As A Feather by Leah C.

Leah Chalfen

Come by the Leah C. showroom on West 30th street off of 6th Ave. in New York City! You will love our selection of captivating, framed "aigrette" some even come complete with the original tags from a gone-by age. I have collected and now curated a selection of these very special groupings of feathers which were produced specifically for millinery called aigrette, a French term meaning just that, "an ornamental tuft of plumes for head wear." These are works of art in their own right and I am repurposing and presenting them to you with an eye for enjoying their graphic nature. Cyndi & I know you will be able to easily imagine these as suitable wall art for the

  • livingroom
  • bedroom
  • office or study
  • hall ways or passage ways
  • powder rooms, etc.

as well as commercially they are a beautiful touch for

  • boutique hotels or
  • restaurants with a flair for clean lines and an organic touch to the interior design!

Looking forward to showing you our Wall Art offerings!

                      &    CYNDI

                      &   CYNDI